Legend has it that the origin of  "COOL" is to be found in the north of the country in the form of "CHILL.O" , individual who speaks to "chile", who tells the truth, straight, straight, without mincing the tongue.

MR. CHILL.O He is that silverback alpha male in danger of extinction, a man who travels more than 25 kilometers on a bicycle every day and as a reward he takes his 4 loggerheads and finishes with some tequilas to tie the turn, a unique specimen that cures the hangover with more beer.

Isidro as his birth certificate says, MR. CHILL.O For the compas, he is a gentleman with a northern accent who pronounces the "ch" as "sh", many people are offended by the way he speaks, but as he says "shhhingan, that's the way I am", everyone's company, charismatic, smiling, the only one who is trusted with things in the corner store, considered the king of parties and slopes and very rarely "Chill" or as he says "here calm down".

He is ugly, but draws attention, with women he is an example, educated, chivalrous, knows how to treat morritas as "queens", counselor of love, they all adore him and always want to be with him because he is well cured, when you are with he will not stop laughing and you will have a great time, but most important of all MR. CHILL.O He is a protector of the morels, he has been seen to release a couple of chingazos at the band that does not know how to talk to or treat a lady.

That is why the brand MR. CHILL.O was born to give Astigarraga Gastronomy and Services a Mexican touch to more than 30 years of gastronomic trajectory and to pay homage to one of the most representative ingredients or products of our Mexico "EL CHILE".

100% Mexican product that we like, they bring us to the table.