Mr. Chill.o Sour I By:@mrfayer

Mr. Chill.o Sour I By: @mrfayer

Mr. Chill.o Sour | By:@mrfayer

  • 1.5 oz White Tequila
  • 0.5 oz @anchoreyes
  • @ mr.chill.o Jalapeño
  • Agave honey
  • Lemon
  • Holy leaf syrup
  • Soda top - mineral water

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Taco de Birria con @mr.chill.o Habanero

Taco de Birria with @ mr.chill.o Habanero

Pork Tomahawk con horseradish y @mr.chill.o Jalapeño  | By: @mrfayer

Pork Tomahawk with horseradish and @ mr.chill.o Jalapeño | By:@mrfayer

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